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Our Machines

Our team manages unique and innovative manufacturing technologies in centerless & plunge grinding, flute grinding, sharpening and heat-treating.

The factory has about 30 machines running all-days & nights to respond to customers’ volume requirements.

Our production means is composed by swiss-made grinding machines as Rollomatic & Agathon and by home-made machines.

Our Engineering Department works on the development of dedicated machines so they are perfectly adapted to our requirements.


Development of home-made machines : 

> 2009 : CNC grinding for Step Drill.

> 2013 CNC grinding for Coolant-thru micro drills.

> 2015-16 : CNC sharpening machine with robot loader.

> 2016 : Retrofit of a Agathon plunged-grinding machine for Step Drills in HSS-Co.

> 2019 : Retrofit of a sharpening Rollomatic 148F3.


Acquisition of machines : 

> 2012 : 3 CNC machines for increasing our production capacity.

> 2014 : 3rd Rollomatic grinding machine CNC 148P4.

> 2018 : CNC-6 axis Rollomatic 629 XS and Marcel Aubert Optic Video System.

> 2019 : 4th CNC 148P4.

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